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What is a Sustainable Society?
Current population and consumption levels in Canada have been enabled by abundant fossil fuels and their inherent storage capability. Renewable energy will not sustain this level of energy consumption or convenience.
The environment is the all-encompassing natural economy in which we live as opposed to the smaller commercial economy in which we work. Western societies now know the environment is important but perhaps we are afraid to admit just how vital it is and the damage we are doing to it.
Biophysical (Real) Economics
“The economy” in current terms is the exchange of goods and services measured in dollars or other printed currency and summarized in GDP measurements. It has never been intended to represent the full real wealth creation process or human or societal well-being.
Population is a fundamental driver of every factor that is involved in everyday life, the economy and human interaction with the natural world. Population size and rate of growth and changing age structure must be understood if we are to address the dynamics of our changing world and our impact upon it.
Social welfare addresses the issue of how well all segments of the population are doing in their economic and social lives. The level of equality indicates how evenly opportunity and human development are distributed in a society.

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