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Oil Supply

Our last newsletter showed the enviable energy circumstances in which Canada finds itself. However, for the world as a whole, and the USA in particular, the outlook is far less bright. Here we are looking solely at the supplies of oil, not the impact on climate. Despite limited world supplies, humanity clearly has more than enough carbon rope with which to hang itself.

Whatever supply advantage Canada may have over most countries, it is probable that Canadians will pay world global prices for energy and that we will begin to be subject to world environmental standards.

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Energy is the most critical building block of modern societies because of the work it allows us to do.   No energy, no lights, no camera, no action.  And no food.
Canada has an enviable range of rich energy resources.   Besides some of the world’s largest per capita reserves of oil and natural gas, we have considerable hydro electric capacity.  These resources allow Canada to be one of the largest energy exporters in a world where most nations are now net energy importers.

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Next to the oxygen in the atmosphere, climate is the most important factor in human life because climate determines food availability, clean water and favourable temperatures upon which all healthy bio-systems depend. It determines the proportion of the planet which will support human life.

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