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Pivoting From Growth to Progress: The Many Steps Necessary to Transform Our Institutions and Energy System into Socially Cohesive Sustainable Society

The presentation to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome in late October, 2022 by Canadians for a Sustainable Society President John Meyer addressed the many problems we need to deal with before taking direct action on the existential threats of climate change and resource depletion.

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Money Won’t Solve the Energy Problem

The refrains “If we need more energy we’ll just spend more money on it.” And “If we had a bigger economy we could afford to spend more on energy.” are commonly heard when biophysicists and environmentalists bring up the issue of resource depletion.

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George Monbiot is an Environmental Disaster

The influential writer, George Monbiot’s position on population belies a fundamental detachment from environmental reality. And reality, specifically biophysical reality, is what the green movement and work to assure the survival of sophisticated human societies are all about.

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Small Can Still Be Beautiful

The world doesn’t feel like it’s unfolding as it should right now. Inflation is painful; the invasion of the Ukraine is unjustified and cruel; the climate has cost tens of billions of dollars; the pandemic refuses to go away. The word “unprecedented” gets thrown around a lot when events today are described.

It pays to look back a few decades, though. In fact, in 1973, the world looked startlingly familiar.

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One Concerned Citizen’s Submission to their Municipality’s Growth Review Process.

Here is my submission to the June 28, 2022, statutory MCR meeting, thank you for the opportunity.

(For those unfamiliar with the MCR process, let me explain what it is and how I view it. The MCR or Municipal Comprehensive Review is a process in Ontario, mandated by the province of Ontario, to delegate minimum population growth for municipalities in Ontario. It is a response to population growth that is premised on unprecedented levels of immigration into Canada and Ontario.

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A Bud of Truth Peeps through a Crack in the Corporate Media Stonewall

In a Le Devoir op-ed article “Century Initiative project Should be Rejected” , Prof. Rodrigue Tremblay exposed the implausibility of the endless growth argument upon which Canada’s current immigration policy is based. This policy is designed to triple our population by adding 60 million immigrants by 2100.

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