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The corporate business model for International trade, as it is now, is not sustainable nor respectful of human dignity and environmental sustainability.  

As John Erik Meyer of “The Social Contract” and “The Perfect Currency”, states “Free Trade and Globalization are centred on the concept of maximizing consumption. They strive to narrow the base of national economies to the few sectors in which they are most competitive internationally. Although consumption and international trade are both maximized under the current approach, globalization increases social and economic instability along with international interdependence.”

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Did you know?

  1. Less than ½ of 1% of Canada’s land is Class 1 farmland and more than half of this is in Ontario.
  2. Between 1996 and 2006 Ontario lost 600,000 acres of farmland (165 acres a day), which included 18% of Ontario’s class 1 farmland.
  3. Farming and food processing employs 700,000 people in Ontario.

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Income polarization is when a nation has a large gap between its highest earners and its lowest earners, with only a small number of mid-level earners in between.

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