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  1. Less than ½ of 1% of Canada’s land is Class 1 farmland and more than half of this is in Ontario.
  2. Between 1996 and 2006 Ontario lost 600,000 acres of farmland (165 acres a day), which included 18% of Ontario’s class 1 farmland.
  3. Farming and food processing employs 700,000 people in Ontario.

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Income polarization is when a nation has a large gap between its highest earners and its lowest earners, with only a small number of mid-level earners in between.

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The Kyoto Accord was an international treaty signed in 1997 at a climate change convention to fight global warming. Our commitment to the Kyoto Accord took the form of a pledge to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions by the year 2012 to 560 megatonnes, which would have been 6% lower than our emissions in 1990.

In the past, Canada has enjoyed a reputation in the world as a nice guy, working towards the goals of human betterment and world peace from a base of a just and progressive society. But Canada’s status has been undergoing a massive downgrade, due to our policy of rapid growth and reckless exploitation of our natural resources.

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