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Five must-haves for an effective zero emission vehicle standard

The land war in Europe came as a surprise to just about everyone but the price spikes accompanying it certainly did not.  EVs are the future as everyone knows but the future is now rushing at us in leaps and bounds.  How do we best adapt to this new technology? Joanna Kyriazis lays out some of the necessary groundwork we must put in place.

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The Growth Myth Perpetual Motion Machine

Like it or not - you will buy a perpetual motion machine from the government of Ontario!

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What is Happening in Small Town Canada?

By Peter Stubbins

For those of you who live in quiet small-town Ontario, blessed with access to woodlands, waterways, farms and open space beware.  Your federal and provincial governments have big plans for your small-town lifestyle and the government services you enjoy. There is big population growth planned for many regions of Canada and if you live near Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, count on it.  Welcome to what a developer described as the new blast zone.

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The Case Against Urban Sprawl - Part 2


Recurring themes in the Orillia survey and from Canadians who vote with their feet as well as in the larger national surveys clearly delineate the differences between the results of the pursuit of growth and the preference of most people. Further, growth does not support any goals associated with lower taxes, fiscal balance, quality of service, environmental sustainability, food security, or the inevitable transition to renewable energy.

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The Case Against Urban Sprawl - Part 1

The proposed Orillia Boundary Expansion is considered necessary to accommodate the level of growth mandated by the Ontario Growth Plan to the year 2051. My concern is the disparity between the pro-growth messages scattered through the 2019 Orillia Strategic Plan (Realizing Our Potential) the Ontario Growth Plan and the consensus scientific view, expressed with increasing urgency for more than fifty years, that population and economic growth are the primary causes of global warming, pollution, resource depletion and other existential threats to all life on Earth.

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The “Silent Lie” in Coverage of Madagascar’s Famine

By Madeline Weld.

Graphic media coverage of the current hunger in southern Madagascar is not wasting the opportunity to advocate climate justice. But nobody mentions there are now seven Madagascan mouths to feed for each one present in 1950. This denialism is not in the interests of the hungry, nor Madagascar’s disappearing wildlife, argues Madeline Weld. 

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