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The pandemic has shown that humans can manage to have an adult conversation about an immediate threat. But we now need to apply our new skill to the vastly greater threat of climate change. By bringing that subject to the fore with so much impact Michael Moore’s latest movie, “Planet of the Humans”, has become a very important film. But it does a great disservice to the quality of the debate by leaving behind any kind of biophysical math and perspective simply to slam a “capitalist” system.


The film ignores the immense body of research on the net energy produced by renewable energy systems, which uses the ratio of Energy Return on Energy Invested to describe their lifecycle viability. EROI is the core metric that sums up how well a society can prosper with its resources at hand. In the glory days of virgin oil fields, EROIs might have approached 100:1 with one barrel of oil (or equivalent) invested returning 100.

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A rare critique of mass immigration levels in the Canadian media.

The former head of immigration service dismantles economic argument for extreme levels of immigration.

There is no mention in this article of the environmental impacts of adding over 1 million immigrants in 3 years but perhaps another Canadian news outlet will have the courage to buck the industry trend and cover real issues.

Urban Sprawl

Canada's cities are growing very rapidly, driven largely by mass immigration. *

The impacts of this growth are:

  • Congestion
  • Loss of prime farmland
  • Myriad of social issues
  • Housing inflation
  • Debt
  • Higher service costs and taxes
  • Lower quality of life


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