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Coronavirus and a Sustainable Society

How will the Covid-19 pandemic make us a more sustainable society?  By making us more aware of the larger biophysical issues like climate change and environmental decline and how completely unprepared we are to tackle them.

Our article linked here on the EuroNews site illustrates the changes we have to make to better adapt to our dynamic planet rather than attempting to force the planet to adapt to humanity.

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Because of Covid-19, Governments Get Real

Until this past year, “models”, “ranges” and “worst-case” were terms previously absent from political speeches. Along with these new terms, the pandemic has brought a new type of advisor to daises of leaders worldwide.


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The Pandemic Drives the Dawn of a New Enlightenment

From the time of the 1600s and before, people prayed harder, self-flagellated and burned witches to appease an obviously very angry God for extreme weather, war, famine, and other now explainable phenomena.  

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Planet of the Humans Hurts Almost as Much as It Helps

The pandemic has shown that humans can manage to have an adult conversation about an immediate threat. But we now need to apply our new skill to the vastly greater threat of climate change. 

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Immigration policy is out of control and needs an overhaul

A rare critique of mass immigration levels in the Canadian media.

The former head of immigration service dismantles economic argument for extreme levels of immigration.

There is no mention in this article of the environmental impacts of adding over 1 million immigrants in 3 years but perhaps another Canadian news outlet will have the courage to buck the industry trend and cover real issues.

Urban Sprawl – at an Accelerated Pace

Urban Sprawl

Canada's cities are growing very rapidly, driven largely by mass immigration. *

The impacts of this growth are:

  • Congestion
  • Loss of prime farmland
  • Myriad of social issues
  • Housing inflation
  • Debt
  • Higher service costs and taxes
  • Lower quality of life


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