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Destructive Journalism – Fatal Error for Progressive National Policy

Midland Message Board

The energy forecast was fair in the 1950s, 60s and 70s when energy costs were low and declining.  Now the clouds are rolling in and Canadian society is stumbling in its efforts to transition to renewable energy.  A constructive national conversation is critical to our ability to navigate looming climate and energy transition challenges.  Media corporations have a responsibility to contribute to that conversation. 

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Technology, not immigration, is the solution to population ageing

For more than a decade, the Productivity Commission (PC) has debunked the common myth that immigration can overcome population ageing.

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A Bold Vision of Hope

This article is a response to the calls from a fringe of ultra right corporate leaders and media corporations for not just endless growth but accelerated endless growth.  Based on printed currency demand side only economic theory, the “Advisory Council” managed to ignore fiscal balance, social welfare, Canadian interests, job quality, resource lifespans and environmental consequences in their simplistic plan to line their own pockets.  Below is a humourous look at what their plan and their mentality of everlasting technological salvation  involves if carried forward a few hundred years.

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The Human Ecological Predicament: Wages of Self-Delusion

Techno-industrial society is in dangerous ecological overshoot—the human ecological footprint is at least 60% larger than the planet can support sustainably (Wackernagel et al. 2002; Rees 2013; WWF 2016).

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Population Math: A Little Grows a Long Way

A LOT of people

Human numbers continue to grow often promoted in some countries by retrograde governments which misapply commercial economics to social policy.  But in a world of declining resources and changing climate, more people no longer translates to progress. 

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Energy Realities 3: The World Has Not Enough

Oil Supply

Our last newsletter showed the enviable energy circumstances in which Canada finds itself. However, for the world as a whole, and the USA in particular, the outlook is far less bright. Here we are looking solely at the supplies of oil, not the impact on climate. Despite limited world supplies, humanity clearly has more than enough carbon rope with which to hang itself.

Whatever supply advantage Canada may have over most countries, it is probable that Canadians will pay world global prices for energy and that we will begin to be subject to world environmental standards.

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