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Urban Sprawl And Density Nightmare

Canada’s Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em Mass Immigration policy

How we will live with tripling our population? (100+ million by 2100)

No problem for the developer elites, just pack ‘em and stack ‘em. Will human silos solve the urban sprawl problem?

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Bill Rees Footprint and Farmland Loss

ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT: The average area of productive land or water required to produce the goods consumed and to assimilate the wastes generated.
William Rees, Prof. Emeritus UBC, developed this metric over many years for countries at all levels of development.

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CBC Stonewalls on Growth

Canada’s remarkably incurious “National Broadcaster”

The CBC is out of ideas for progress

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How much oil remains for the world to produce? Comparing assessment methods, and separating fact from fiction

Jean Laherr`ere, Charles A.S. Hall, Roger Bentley

Summary by John Meyer

This paper assesses how much oil remains to be produced, and whether this poses a significant constraint to global development. It describes the different categories of oil and related liquid fuels, and shows that estimates from the EIA (US Energy Information Administration) and BP Statistical Review are very misleading.

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Canada needs a genuinely green party

Canada is currently controlled by the developer lobby which is bent on using mass immigration to triple our population by 2100. No Green Party leader has spoken up against this and, in fact, the new-again leader of the Federal Party, Elizabeth May, endorses rapid population growth.

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Hello World of 8 Billion!

By Valorie M. Allen

On 15 November 2022, Earth’s human population will pass 8 Billion, according to estimates by the United Nations. This sobering milestone should galvanize us to redouble our efforts to minimize further growth.

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