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Why Can’t Canada Ever Hit It’s GHG Emission Targets?

Most Canadians believe the climate is changing and that human activity is responsible.   Many Canadians are aware that Canada’s record of greenhouse gas emission (GHG) increases is among the worst in the world.  And if asked where the increase in carbon emissions is coming from, virtually every Canadian would say the oil sands.

And they would be wrong.  For despite the rapid development of the oil sands and its inherently GHG emissions intensive nature, they constitute only a fraction of Canada’s emissions increase.  

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Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse'?

Natural and social scientists develop new model of how 'perfect storm' of crises could unravel global system

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Capture & store carbon dioxide

The outgoing government in Norway has buried much-vaunted plans to capture carbon dioxide and store it underground amid mounting costs and delays.

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Perpetual economic growth - is it possible

The benefits of--and need for--economic growth are so widely assumed that they are hardly ever debated. And yet, maintaining perpetual growth on a finite planet is impossible--logically, physically, and yes, economically.

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Unprecedented shift in temperature

Scientists discovered that the tropics, which are home to the highest densities of wildlife as well as some of the most vulnerable human populations on the planet, will be hit hardest and earliest by climate extremes.

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