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Sustainable Framework

A sustainable framework is a model using real world physical units to map out national policy. Both goals and strategies are expressed in the units specific to their sectors so that whatever the fluctuations might be in any commercial measurement in dollars, the overview of the real economy and society remains stable and meaningful.

A comprehensive model would provide unmatched transparency to government policy while anchoring a coherent national conversation. It would greatly reduce political posturing and assure that leaders had at least some working knowledge of the mechanisms which make the country work.
In 2016, Canada finds itself with leadership claiming to be willing to lift the country out of the dark ages on climate change. However, the means by which they will do this has yet to be formulated or made public.

In effect, we have no Plan A on ghg emissions. A national model would assure that any plan and all options would be open to public scrutiny which would shine a powerful light on any claims made by politicians.


  • Sustainable use of renewable resources
  • Very low use of non-renewables
  • Broad based economy, resilient economy
  • Low levels of inequality
  • High quality employment
  • Low debt
  • Low financial complexity


  • Real physical units for all physical assets
  • Per capita income rather than GDP size
  • Social well-being
  • Health
  • Crime


  • Conserve resources
  • Invest in people
  • Maintain as much production in the country as possible
  • Preserve assets
  • Illuminate the structure of the real wealth production process **

** thereby avoiding the trap of interpreting everything through the measurement by printed currency as the metric and the size of the commercial economy as the goal leaving the disconnected lever of interest rates as the only active policy option.

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