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Carbon Only Emissions
This graphs displays carbon emissions only rather than all greenhouse gases. The time span is extended to the year 2200 to allow the full impact of high rates of growth to be illustrated. Users can choose from 4 different variable to estimate Canadian carbon emissions in the future. Not included in these calculations are the playing out of carbon based resources. At 10 million barrels per day exports, the oil sands would have a life span of under 50 years.
Carbon Only Emissions


Effective - Percentage Effectiveness of carbon capture and storage in preventing emissions from Alberta Oil Sands production.

Exports - million barrels of oil produced by Alberta Oil Sands

Immigration - annual immigration rate as % of population. Current immigration rate is close to 1%

Improvement - % reduction in per capita carbon emissions

Fertility: Total number of children per woman.   2.1 is replacement level.

Immigration:  Net immigration as a percentage of the population.  Currently in Canada, immigration is running at the 0.8% to 1.0% level.

Effective:  The government has based its carbon emissions reduction strategy for the oil sands on the very unproven and uncosted technology of carbon capture and storage .  “Effective” selections allow the user to choose whether CCS works  zero % as forecast (0), 25% as well as forecast (25) or 50% as well as forecast (50).

Exports:  In 2, 4, or 10 millions of barrels of oil per day

Improvement:  Percentage reduction in domestic per capita emissions.


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