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  • Urban Issues
  • Climate change
  • Immigration impacts
  • Structural deficits
  • Opinion Polls
  • Resource Scarcity
  • Identifying the Growth Lobby - "who profits" from growth
  • Water issues
  • Energy
  • Third world brain drain
  • Causes and effects of cheap labour


  • Advertising on the web and in print
  • Producing videos on environmental issues
  • Producing videos on population issues
  • Building consensus in activist organizations


  • Environmental resource materials to schools

Activist Support

  • Providing support tools and coordination to activist organizations
  • General Activities "continue the good work".


All efforts may or may not have an international view but will be in a Canadian context. i.e. what are we doing, what can we do and what should we do.

Canadians for a Sustainable Society is an advocacy group. We do a great deal of research and our mandate is to drive change. Therefore, we do not qualify under Revenue Canada's rules as a charity and donations to us are not tax deductible.

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