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National Goals

Goal 1

Adopt a Better Canada strategy rather than a Bigger Canada strategy. Abandon the futile and destructive goal of growth forever. Quality of life rather than size of the economy represents the true health of a nation. Focus on the quality of jobs rather than the quantity of jobs.   

Goal 2

Expand economic health yardsticks beyond simple GDP to include per capita income, equality and employment quality targets. Gross Domestic Product is a survey of the monetized portion of the economy called the commercial market. It represents market size not economic health either for the nation or for individuals and should be abandoned as a measure of social or economic progress.

Goal 3

Structure the economy for sustainable progress rather than endless growth. Progress should be measured in the social and economic health of individuals and the ability of the institutions which serve them to deliver both a broad social safety net and fiscal balance.

Goal 4

Adopt clear national goals and clear metrics by which to measure our progress towards them.

Goal 5

Measure the environment and resources in real physical units rather than dollars. Establish national policy from the perspective of the physical environment in which we live. Recognise climate, biological and mineral resources as the basis for our social and economic well-being and measure their health and potential in real physical units.

Goal 6

Integrate policy formation into a coherent strategy rather than a tangled patchwork of stand-alone often conflicting policies.

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