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A Timely Message for Canadians

Our planet is burning while Canadian governments continue to play the same tune of “More Growth” under the guise of “green growth”, “smart growth”, “sustainable growth” and other slogans.

Unlike the Covid-19 pandemic, which was addressed quickly and directly (albeit with greatly variable results) the much larger threats of climate change and environmental decline have not drawn decisive action.

The social and environmental problems we face have not been connected to their underlying causes. This is partly due to the complexity of our social and environmental systems and the many factors which have led to their decline but it is also due to the resistance of vested interests to countenance change and open discussion. The Identification of root causes may be a contentious process but the goals toward which we should be striving are widely acknowledged.

  • Environmental health
  • Social stability
  • High levels of equality
  • Fiscal balance
  • Quality of life and well-being

Our globalized planet is clearly sinking into distress and the window we have to reverse this decline is shrinking while our leaders have, to date, slapped green paint on the business-as-usual model of endless population and consumption growth and reckless resource exploitation.

How are we going to achieve a cohesive and sustainable society? Why do elites have a fascination with growth?
We need to recognize that growth hasn’t been good for the majority of citizens over the past 50 years. But it is immensely profitable for a very small elite. Housing affordability has declined dramatically while debt has skyrocketed as we move further and further away from progressive goals.

The quality of jobs has declined and Canada’s economic equality ranking has dropped from #2 in the world in the early 1960s to the mid-20s now. It isn’t possible to build a strong social safety net on the backs of a growing pool of cheap labour.

We need to recognize that success for a few and failure for many is a failure for the society as a whole, especially if it is resulting in environmental decline. Sustainability means long term resilience and social and environmental health. We need to recognize the biophysical reality that supports us and the necessity of a stable and cohesive social structure to achieve long-term progress.

We need to Connect the Dots of our many problems with their causes of endless consumption increases, population increase and the fog of money metrics. Our leadership quickly identified the pandemic as a threat and earnestly worked to minimize its damage. We need the same clarity and urgency to be applied to the resetting of our world as a sustainable society.

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