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Opinion Polls

  • Do you think the Canadian economy can grow forever?

    Yes 19.1%
    No 70.2%
    Maybe 8.5%
    No Opinion 2.1%
  • Canada’s record of carbon emissions reduction is:

    About average for industrial nations 30.8%
    Much better than average 15.4%
    Much worse than average 53.8%
  • Do you think urban sprawl and mass immigration are linked?

    Yes 64.3%
    No 21.4%
    Maybe 9.5%
    No Opinion 4.8%
  • Do you think Canada's population should grow larger forever?

    Yes 11.4%
    No 81.8%
    Maybe 4.5%
    No Opinion 2.3%
  • Do you think Canada will ever see per capita resource declines in the future similar to those which have occurred in Europe over the past 500 years?

    Never 2.9%
    Maybe 17.1%
    It is inevitable 57.1%
    It has already happened 22.9%
  • Is Canada an exceptional nation, able to grow forever by exploiting its unlimited resources?

    A dated concept 90.6%
    A vision of the future 9.4%
  • Should Canadians reduce their consumption to levels closer to those in the rest of the world?

    Yes 66.7%
    No 13.9%
    Maybe 13.9%
    No Opinion 5.6%
  • Should the current generation of Canadian adults reduce its level of consumption to leave more for future generations?

    No generation owns the resources, they only borrow them from the next generation 81.8%
    Let future generations fend for themselves the way we did 18.2%
  • Should national policy be based on:

    Depending on new technology to solve climate, resource and pollution problems? 37.5%
    Conservation 53.1%
    The market will deliver solutions 3.1%
    Party on, there are no solutions 6.3%
  • Do you think that the size of the economy is a good indicator of social well being?

    Yes 19.4%
    No 80.6%
    Maybe 0.0%
    No Opinion 0.0%
  • Do you think that the size of the economy is a good indicator of individual well-being?

    Yes 6.9%
    No 89.7%
    Maybe 3.4%
    No Opinion 0.0%
  • What is your opinion on the globalization of the economy?

    Favourable 23.3%
    Unfavourable 66.7%
    No Opinion 10.0%
  • Do you think immigration should be used to change the cultural makeup of Canada?

    Yes 18.2%
    No 66.7%
    Maybe 12.1%
    No Opinion 3.0%
  • Which society would you rather live in?

    A society which has a small number of very rich people, few middle class and many poor? 0.0%
    A society which has a large number of middle class and few very rich and few poor people. 100.0%
  • Do you think media corporations should be required to disclose their major sources of income?

    Yes 91.4%
    No 0.0%
    Maybe 8.6%
    No Opinion 0.0%

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Opinion Polls Summary

There are two sections on the Opinion Polls page. The first is the website polls which reflect the views of the people who have been on the Canadians for a Sustainable Society website. The second section features results from polls of the general Canadian public.

The questions are different in many cases and certainly the results on similar questions will reflect different levels of awareness of, and interest in, the many issues addressed on this site.

The poll questions deal with the viability of never-ending growth, the links between growth of consumption and population and various social, environmental and economic issues. As well, the level of integrity of our public institutions and decision making process is held up for comment.

Please take the time to make your views known via the choices available.


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