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Immigration Impact

Sources of Market Growth for Canadian Newspapers
  • Immigration 85%
  • Domestic Population Growth 15%

Since the 1970's it has been clear from both economic studies and opinion polls that high levels of immigration were not in the public interest. As the reality of the environmental challenges for both Canada and the world have become more clear in the past decade, policies of mass immigration and eternal growth have become even more out of touch.

Why then has Canada’s immigration policy been so out of step with both the national will and our national goals of sustainable progress and individual and community well-being?

The answer is money and who gets it. Mass immigration creates huge profit opportunities for a very select and powerful minority. Developers, cheap labour employers and mass media corporations depend on a continuously growing population to make their market for them.

Without the constant expansion of demand generated by high levels of immigration, some of these businesses would see their markets contract and possibly largely disappear. This is a Ponzi scheme on a national scale - grow or die business models. A national policy of sustainability and individual prosperity is death to the grow-forever lobby.

Not only do these industries depend on immigration to make market, they also depend on it for cheap labour to enable them to access the market. In doing so, they take advantage of the huge government subsidies of cheap labour. In effect, an hourly wage of under $14 is subsidized since the worker uses more in government services than they pay in taxes.

Without the billions of dollars each year in tax subsidies, the cheap labour employers would be out of business or would have to change their business model. 

Without the huge streams of immigrants, large tract housing developers would have to focus on smaller, less profitable projects.

Without the growth of large urban centres, media corporations would cease to see their markets grow annually.  Along with the stabilization of their subscribers, they would see a huge reduction in their largest advertizing segments; new home and automotive ads.

In order to understand how public policy is formed in Canada it is necessary to Follow the Money. 

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