Young People Starting to Stand Up

Most of the activists supporting a socially and environmentally rational immigration policy are north of 60. They have been pushing the environmental agenda for decades and got their education well before the brainwashing of growth-forever, multiculturalism and the money economy handcuffed learning and open discussion in our schools and media.

Consequently, despite being the ones to bear the brunt of the housing inflation and job quality impacts of mass immigration, “the kids” have kept silent. Silent at least in terms of public action, if not private outrage. After all, it is their future being sold down the river.

Climate change preparedness? That they aren’t in the streets protesting population growth driven loss of farmland and boosted ghg emissions is downright puzzling. They can see the impacts which are coming but seem frozen into inaction on causes by a very usurious straightjacket of “morals’ hammered into them by the educational system and the corporate media.

But that inertia seems to be starting to dissolve as depression morphs into the kind of activism that will give politicians fits. These kids have no political allegiance. Why would they? They want results, a reshaping of national goals and have no patience for the current political/media institutions which have so cunningly led our nation off the rails.

Here are three small groups, with three different approaches, trying to break down the stone wall preventing a coherent critique of our housing inflating, job quality suppressing and debt spinning mass immigration policy.

Take Back Canada

Take Back Canada is offering Canadians the opportunity to show up and speak up in protests on July 1. Do you feel like putting up a poster or carrying a placard? Contact them.

Their Position

Take Back Canada is a budding non-partisan political movement with the stated goal of uniting Canadians from across the political spectrum to put an end corporate mass migration and take our country back from the corrupt ruling class. Our country is facing greater peril now than it has at any other time in our history, and the decisions we make now will decide whether or not Canadian society will survive the coming decades. We at Take Back Canada believe in urgent, direct political action to send a message to the ruling class that Canadians are not going stand by passively while their future is sold out from under them.

A Message to Canadians

Our first political endeavour will be the July 1st Canada-wide protests.
Take Back Canada is currently looking for volunteers in participating cities to put up posters and take part in organizing the protests. We are urgently looking for people to volunteer for leadership roles in Montreal, Ottawa, and Charlottetown. Please fill out a contact form at if you’re interested and we will get back to you promptly! We also encourage anyone who would like to lead a protest in a city that is not currently listed on our website to indicate such when filling out the form.

Additionally, if you are interested in helping out as described above, or if you’d just like to be part of the movement and join the conversation, please join our WhatsApp Community and follow us on X (@TakeBackCanadaX).

We will not rest until our country is saved. No matter how difficult the task may seem, we believe that the wheels of history are in motion now as they have not been in very many decades, and that the Canadian spirit is ripe for organizing and demanding change.

Canadians Against Excessive Immigration

On the analytical side is Husam Alhomsi’s CAEI who feel they that rational arguments and comprehensive information will sway reasonable people to take action and turn out for protests in Ottawa in September.

We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is to minimize the contribution of immigration to population growth in Canada.

Their site supports population stabilization and covers:

  • Get Involved
  • Immigration Policy Proposals
  • Recommended Resources
  • Sources and Statistics
  • Other Organizations

Dominion Review

Dominion Review is run by B.C. journalist Riley Donovan and covers a wide range of topics on their site and various social media platforms.

Donovan covers, in seemingly real time, everything from opinion polls to movements, expert interviews and unfolding events.

These young people deserve your support.

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