Social welfare addresses the issue of how well all segments of the population are doing in their economic and social lives. The level of equality indicates how evenly opportunity and human development are distributed in a society.

What This Means for Canada

Nations with greater equality levels offer better, happier and healthier lives to their citizens no matter what their income levels. Greater equality translates into lower social costs, lower crime and a stronger social safety net. In contrast, unequal societies, with their high levels of disparity and low opportunities for much of the population feature higher unemployment, crime and poverty levels along with a consequent frayed social assistance infrastructure and fiscal deficits.

What Can You Do?

The well-being of individuals, families, communities and future generations should be the core of every political decision we make in Canada. Currently though, we are focused soley on the size of the commercial economy and its rate of growth. Even simple metrics like per capita incomes, private and public debt are extraneous factors as far as our national policy formation is concerned. It is up to individuals to stress at every opportunity, whether it be an activist or political meeting or any public forum to a broad audience or personal friends that social health is a top priority and that social welfare does not flow from a bigger economy.
Affordable and adequate housing is a critical social issue which is key to the social and financial well-being of the great majority of people in all income groups.
The issue of social equality is a more sophisticated form of the income polarization discussion which has been so prominent over the past several decades.
Generational transfer is the passing down of assets, rights and privileges from one generation to another. Everything can be thought of as part of the transfer including:
The unemployment rate in Canada has traditionally been higher than in Europe or the US for a number of reasons.

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