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How You Can Support Us as We Move Toward a More Sustainable Canada

We’re absolutely dedicated to a Better Canada strategy over a Bigger Canada. We need to abandon the notion that Canada needs to grow constantly, and focus on increasing quality of life for Canadian residents; quality over quantity. We want the government to forget arbitrary metrics and focus on what matters, way beyond dollar amounts.

We are a non-profit which means we survive largely on donations. Your donations go to support us as we research issues such as:

  • Climate Change
  • Urban Issues
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Your donations also help us advocate for our cause through our advertising materials, the creation of educational materials and providing support for other like-minded organizations.

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Human history is rarely dull but we are living through a period in which pivotal change is taking place. We have abused the planet to such an extent that the environmental ground under our feet is starting to shift.
The endless growth lobby, which has effectively ruled Canada’s policy making for over 40 years, has become confident enough to step out of the back room
If you’d like to develop a broader perspective on the predicament humanity finds itself in, the two papers below are required reading.
In an opinion piece post in the February 7, 2024 issue of the Westerly News, Bruce W. Uzelman nailed the negative economic consequences of mass immigration and the resulting population surge.
It is important to identify the causes of inflation because inflation makes a great many people poorer over time.