A Reality Check on Green Energy from David MacKay, a Renewable Activist Physicist

David MacKay was one of the UKs top physicists and took a lead role in the introduction of green energy initiatives and energy conservation.

“Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air”

Sadly David passed away in the spring of this year but part of his immense

legacy is a book on energy production and use in the UK titled “Sustainable Energy without the hot air”.   This book, free to download, is simply the best energy reference produced to date and provides both great detail and a

broad overview of how a modern society consumes energy.  Anyone interested in the subject at whatever level will find it extremely interesting and useful.

A Reality Check on Renewables

The other notable contribution to the energy conversation made by Prof. MacKay is a TED Talk video dealing with the reality of green energy.  In this 18 minute video he looks at the scale of infrastructure required for the UK to maintain roughly the current standard of living in a post fossil fuel era.Watching this video and taking in its message should prove to be both sobering and illuminating for everyone from concerned citizens to activists to policy makers.

It’s Time For Change

 Canadians for a Sustainable Society strongly supports the transition to renewable energy sources as rapidly as possible for environmental, social and economic reasons.  Clearly there are great challenges.

To paraphrase Prof. MacKay,
We need to have an adult conversation on energy.

Our group has commissioned research to determine the infrastructure required for Canada to “go green” and we expect to publish the results early in the New Year.

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