Urban Sprawl – at an Accelerated Pace

Canada’s cities are growing very rapidly, driven largely by mass immigration. *

The impacts of this growth are:

  • Congestion
  • Loss of prime farmland
  • Myriad of social issues
  • Housing inflation
  • Debt
  • Higher service costs and taxes
  • Lower quality of life

Commute times are longer and transportation costs increase in a large urban area. If a city has not properly laid out a transportation plan ahead of actual growth, the costs of retro-installation through already built up areas is astronomic and possibly not feasible.

The size of urban areas impacts the quality of life and the disposable incomes of its citizens. A high rate of growth exacerbates every social and economic problem while urban growth of any kind comes at a heavy environmental price.  Fewer and fewer Canadians can afford to live in Canada’s major urban centres.

The video below illustrates the urban sprawl that will occur if the policy of endless growth is adhered to by Canadian governments.  In fact, the current Liberal government has just called for an increase in immigration with ever rising levels based on a 1% formula aimed at expanding the Canadian population forever.

Growth in Ontario

Urban Sprawl Video
This video
looks at urban growth in central Ontario from 1950 and projects to 2100.  The focus is the Toronto area but the sprawl shown is representative of every major city in Canada.

Canada is currently committed to growth-forever of its urban areas with no regard for the welfare of its citizens, the health of the environment or sustainable food supplies.  We have no planning strategy in place to deliver the ever increasing energy supplies and investment needed to maintain a growing and complex infrastructure.

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**  Balanced immigration is the level at which as many people enter Canada as leave.  This would be in the 50,000 range annually.

Mass immigration is designed to expand the Canadian population and the current level has been raised to 340,000 annually with ever increasing levels going forward.

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