Connect the Dots

Our society faces myriad long-term environmental, social and economic problems.

Although the mainstream media do recognize that many of them exist, they never discuss their fundamental causes and consequently, we continue to drift in an information vacuum as these problems progressively worsen.


These are some of the challenges we face and they are all related to two basic factors: high levels of consumption and increasing levels of population.

  • Climate change
  • Affordable housing
  • Urban sprawl
  • Job quality
  • Inequality
  • Debt
  • Congestion
  • Access to nature
  • Human and environmental health
  • Species extinction
  • The extremely slow transition to renewable energy

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated clearly to all of us how unprepared most governments are to deal with a biophysical threat.  We need to employ expert opinion, science and solid management to avoid the much larger impacts of climate change and environmental decline before they destabilize our ability to respond effectively.

We need to have a full, open and transparent national conversation which embraces fact and learning and places the emphasis on human and environmental well-being rather than the size or growth rate of the commercial economy.

The damage we’ve suffered from the pandemic needs to serve as a wake-up call to governments that our priorities have to change from enriching the few to benefiting the many.  We need to prepare for the much larger long-term threats of climate change and the transition to renewable energy by focusing on resilience, sustainability and social cohesion.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that we can do this.

Let’s start Connecting-the-Dots of cause and effect and begin to address the root causes of our many social and environmental problems.

Please watch our Connect-the-Dots video and spread the word and call your media providers and politicians to account.  “Business-as-usual” and “growth-forever” simply don’t work.  Policymakers must pivot towards environmental health and social well-being.

Cause & Effect

Very often, we deal with only the symptoms rather than the real causes of our problems. In this video, we identify the causes of the large scale social and environmental problems we face daily.

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