Growth Busters

Over the past decade, many viewers have implored Dave Gardner to make his groundbreaking documentary, GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth free, because everyone needs to see it. I think it’s time we do that. Let’s flip the switch on the film’s tenth anniversary to make it free to the public.

Link – 

Help Flip the Switch to Make GrowthBusters Available to a Much Wider Audience

Doing this will give up revenue from film sales, rentals and screening fees. So, for the month of October, please help me raise a modest $10,000 – so I can make the film free but have money in the bank to help support the important work still ahead. That includes the GrowthBusters podcast, advertising on YouTube to attract new viewers to the film, finally creating a GrowthBusters music video, and more.

Let’s make this film easy to share, so…

  • Educators can share with classes
  • Activists can share with policymakers and journalists
  • Other NGOs, clubs and discussion groups can easily host screenings
  • Pundits, researchers and journalists can find and easily view
  • Anyone can discover it during a YouTube search

Visit the crowdfunding page for more details, including rewards for your contribution. This is your chance to nab a poster, bumper sticker, T-shirt, or extra copies of the film.

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