Urban Sprawl and Density Nightmare

Canada’s Pack ‘em and Stack ‘em Mass Immigration policy
How we will live with tripling our population? (100+ million by 2100)
No problem for the developer elites, just pack ‘em and stack ‘em. Will human silos solve the urban sprawl problem?

Or is there even a problem? If our country has decided to produce the most profits possible for developers, speculators and banks and the most campaign funds for corrupt politicians, this is the ideal solution.

But will Canadians accept continuing to pay an increasing percentage of their incomes to developers and speculators and banks for increasingly small and less desireable homes in more congested, unhealthy and crowded cities?

Here are some images of extreme urban sprawl and chaotic density from around the world. Please use these to illustrate your own concerns about the coming tsunami of farmland and natural space loss across Canada.

The skyrocketing cost of housing will only be exceeded by the profits speculators, developers and banks rake in. This constitutes a tax by the wealthy on the rest of us. We simply cannot avoid paying the higher costs of accommodation prices and the higher rents which are paid by every business we deal with.

Keep in mind when viewing the pictures of traffic gridlock in LA, that the commutes are longer in Toronto.

These photos show how people live in different parts of the World. These bring into focus the very trends that Canadians are fleeing in our biggest cities.

Aerial View Cairo, Egypt
Who needs urban planning when all you want to do is build houses?

Billionaire Vijay Mallya’s Mansion Atop A Skyscraper In Bangalore, India

Houses On The Roof Of An Eight-Story Mall In Zhūzhōu, China
Some people will indeed live well. Most though, not so much.

Chongqing, China
Transportation at your doorstep, or even through your living room.

Downtown Seattle, In The Heart Of The Retail District

Homeless problem? No problem!  Just announce bold new affordable housing initiatives every few years.  Even better, force low income people out of the big cites where they are visible, to smaller centres which the media don’t cover and policy makers never see.

Dubai 1985 to 2016

Dubai, The Hollow City Of Artificiality

Vancouver – the future of Canada

By Philippe Giabbanelli

Electrical Wiring And Water Pipes In A Brazilian Favela

Density and chaos reduce resiliency and efficiency.  Ultimately, complexity becomes unsustainable.

Evening Traffic In LA

Commuting in Toronto is worse.  In fact Toronto has the worst commute times in North America with Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver also finishing in North Americas worst 15 cities.  Surely tripling the size of these cities will make things better?  The Liberal, Conservative and Green parties think so.  Maybe you should ask your MP exactly how that would work.

Highways coming to fields and forests near you.

Hong Kong Street Life

Quality of life doesn’t make it into developer controlled government planning.

Hong Kong

Infill housing proposed by faux green groups to minimize farmland loss.

Hyderabad, India

A dynamic and growing economy doesn’t mean a high quality of life.  But this is all commercial economists and media corporations mean when they say “good for the economy”.  They don’t mean good for you.

Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong.  1964 – 2016

Once a paradise, now a developers’ paradise.  Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal plus many small towns across Canada, you are next.  In fact, you are halfway there.

Manila, Philippines

New Belgrade, Serbia

Upscale lower/middle income housing in high density areas.

Next To A Helicoidal Street In Chongqing, China

The joy of driving in a congested city.  The tenants in the condos must also enjoy the traffic outside their windows immensely.

Petare, Venezuela

The endgame for endless development.

Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation on Left
Scottsdale AZ on Right – One Photo

Indian land just waiting for the next wave of immigration.

Uae Nad Al Sheba III Dubai

Picture an endless sea of condos and row housing spreading over the countryside.  This is the Canada envisioned by growth promoters.

To get an idea of the mentality and the interests of the people behind this giant Ponzi scheme, watch this video of John Stackhouse who used to be the editor of the Globe and Mail newspaper.

  • Interview with John Stackhouse, past editor of the Globe and Mail
  • A Leader in Developed Market Growth? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv  – Real Vision Finance
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbcvWkNhELc
  • Run segment from 3:15 to 5:00
  • If you think we are alone in damning this Ponzi scheme, read the comments section of this youtube.
  • Media corporations are both messenger and lobby.
  • They are corporations, owned not for their profit potential, but for the influence they wield.

Urban sprawl flows around a native village in San Paulo.  In Canada, we have just paved right over indigenous villages without so much as a bronze plaque to mark what was once there.

If nothing else, Justin Trudeau makes a nice hood ornament for the growth lobby.

If you are looking for support from media corporations to solve the sprawl/congestion/unaffordable housing problems, don’t bother.  They are substantially controlled by hedge funds and banks which make their money from asset inflation i.e. unaffordable housing.  Their control of the media allows them to acknowledge the symptoms but prevent any discussion of the underlying causes upon which their financial power is built.

Mass immigration = more houses with much larger mortgages.

Bank mortgage holdings went from $32 billion in 1982 $ 1.8 trillion in 2022,  growth of 60 times (6,000%).  Canadain debt levels have quintupled.

This is just fantastic business if you are a speculator or a bank.

Small wonder banks promote mass immigration.

For people who pay for this parasitic overhead, it is not so fantastic.

To understand why housing has become unaffordable, our best farmland is being paved over, the quality of life is declining along with access to nature just:

Follow the money!

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