Is Elon Musk a Proto-Borg?

Is this the beginning of a new life form? One signaling the start of a new era in which humanity shakes itself free of the shackles of the natural limitations of a biological Earth and daringly leaps into the infinite expanse of space?

Will we become ever-growing, displacing or destroying all forms of life wherever they exist, following the endless growth mandate** to stuff human populations in every crevice of the universe?

We would replace all natural systems with artificial mechanisms – so that every act from breathing to looking out a window is a paid transaction. Sort of like Disneyland but you also pay for air and sunshine.

Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau want to pave all of Canada to accommodate an endless stream of immigration. Elon Musk agrees this is the future and that humanity should continue to replicate and displace all forms of natural life in the universe, likely using Musk-aide implants to improve the human species and evolve into a bio-tech hybrid. These admirable humanoid drones work 23/7 and spend downtime charging in pod cubicles. Imagine the cheap labour franchises they can keep going!

A Few Questions …

Is resistance futile or can reason and respect for the natural world prevail???

Will Elon Musk live forever? Will humanity perish in the pursuit of growth? Will we be the virus that terminates all other life in the universe?

And, most importantly, will humans develop into the inter-galactic ravaging aliens we have always feared would invade earth? Endless growth will guarantee that outcome.

But, back on this plane of reality, will humanity do a face-plant as energy, climate, resource, money metrics, social instability dynamics and galactic sized egos meet their match in the form of a small but very angry planet?

Will normal people finally stand ready to answer the question “Why should we pave Canada much less the universe!”

Stay tuned ….. as history plays out before our eyes but threatens to repeat once again the boom and bust population cycle.  If you thought endless repeats of Star Wars themes were boring and predictable, try living through endless population cycles.

The Prequel or the Endquel?

It started on Earth when the Muskos first set their sights on Mars.  As they consumed Earth’s resources in the blind pursuit of growth and the wealth effect, Mars was the next to fall under their control.  From 8 billion, the 5 million remaining residents of Earth were transported to Mars to continue the construction of the Muskcubes to take them across the galaxy and then to the furthest corners of the universe.

Having turned Mars into a toxic wasteland, whereas it was only an ordinary wasteland prior, it became uninhabitable.  But three Muskcubes were completed and 40,000 partial-humans were able to escape into space to continue the Muskos march to glory and universal dominion.

The three Muskcubes did not have enough energy or supplies to reach the nearest star system but they were confident that technology, human innovation and artificial intelligence would provide a solution just as it has since the beginning of the Musk era.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to write a final or even another chapter.

** Endless growth mandate as originally formulated by a small band of crackpot economists 40 years ago which held that 1% population growth could go on for 7 million years.  Laugh as you might, this notion is the basis for Canada’s immigration and environmental strategies.

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