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Measuring Energy

Energy is the most critical building block of modern societies because of the work it allows us to do. For commercial purposes, energy is measured in fiat currency per unit of energy ie $ per litre of gas or cents per kWatt hour of electricity.

But on a national policy basis, energy must be measured in its own terms. Currency can be printed whereas energy cannot. So, to measure the real cost of producing energy, the ratio of EROI Energy Return on Energy Invested was developed.

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Generational transfer is the passing down of assets, rights and privileges from one generation to another. 

Everything can be thought of as part of the transfer including:

  • All personal goods
  • Public infrastructure
  • Natural capital
  • Debt or savings
  • Social cohesion

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David MacKay was one of the UKs top physicists and took a lead role in the introduction of green energy initiatives and energy conservation.

“Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air”

Sadly David passed away in the spring of this year but part of his immense

legacy is a book on energy production and use in the UK titled “Sustainable Energy without the hot air”.   This book, free to download, is simply the best energy reference produced to date and provides both great detail and a

broad overview of how a modern society consumes energy.  Anyone interested in the subject at whatever level will find it extremely interesting and useful.

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