Total Commitment to Growth

Under which plan are we currently operating?

The choice of whether to continue the total commitment to the pursuit of growth or to change and embark on the long term journey to sustainability is something on which all levels of government must be clear.

A short ride at high speed with no thought of consequences or a well-considered long term plan?

Short Term Thinking

  • Getting nowhere in particular very fast and at great risk
  • Singular focus, tunnel vision
  • No goal other than faster
  • No strategy, “more” cures all
  • Likely to end badly
  • Just in time economy, no resiliency
  • Corrupt leadership
  • National conversation controlled by growth profiteers

Long Term Planning

  • A destination in mind and how to get there
  • Know where you are going and enjoy the journey
  • The long view – future generations count
  • Invest in resiliency
  • A broad view of the economy, society and the natural world
  • A sustainable pace, resilient economy
  • Competent, honest politicians
  • A broad and well-informed national conversation
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