Don’t Blame Immigrants for the Damage Mass Immigration Does to Housing Affordability, Quality of Life, Wages, Farmland and Carbon Emissions.

The huge social, economic and environmental damage being done to Canada and Canadians by mass immigration is never covered by the main-stream, developer controlled media.

The main rationale for this is that it is unfair to blame immigrants for housing inflation, low wages, high taxes, congestion and the paving over of some of the best farmland in the world. Certainly it would be unfair to blame individual immigrants for the negative impacts their arrival has on this country. But this argument is used to justify an embargo on discussion of the negative impacts of Canada’s mass immigration policy.

This stonewall gives the developers, debt mongers and cheap labour employers, who profit massively at the expense of Canadians, carte blanche to rig national policy to structure an economy optimized to increase their wealth rather than bettering the country and the lot of Canadians.

The national conversation is thus neutered into a stream of one note messages singing the praises of growth with no mention of the worsening quality of life being experienced by the great majority of Canadians or the decline in our ability to deal with the immense environmental and climatic challenges beginning to appear clearly on the horizon. Biophysical realities and metrics simply don’t exist in the tiny, money-obsessed teapot of mainstream media.

A corrupted national conversation is leaving us completely unable to address our current housing and wage crises and unprepared for the much larger ones of food and energy resilience. As we have seen so clearly in Putin’s Russia, corruption sucks expert opinion and broad discussion of national goals out of the policy making process and replaces it with a mono-themed dialog of growth (or imperialism) uttered by a thin layer of incompetent yes-men.

Ultimately, the outcome is predictable and that is systemic failure due to wrong-headed, socially and biophysically unsustainable goals and a lack of core, nation-building competence.

Canada has been led astray deliberately by a small group of treacherous manipulators (the “profiteering parasites of growth” or “corporate welfare bums”) and their shills and for allowing that to happen we can only blame ourselves, not the fresh meat that steps off an airplane looking for a better life.

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